Restoring pollinator habitats across European agricultural landscapes

based on multi-actor participatory approaches

Ambition of our pan-European project RestPoll

Substantially and permanently restore more wild pollinator habitats and enhance the connectivity of habitats in Europe, by strengthening society-wide capability to reverse wild pollinator decline and stabilise pollination services and their societal benefits

Permanently restore pollinator habitats

Agricultural land use, covering by far the largest proportion of terrestrial land modified by human activities, is crucial for feeding humanity, and the decisions on how farmers manage their land are a major driver for biodiversity change.

In order to counteract pollinator decline and thus also the pollination services, our pan-European project RestPoll aims to permanently restore pollinator habitats in Europe and enhance their connectivity.

This is important not only for agricultural yields and food security, but also for wild plants and other organisms that directly or indirectly depend on pollinators.

Research institutions
Partners of industry
National Park


24 research institutions, two ministries, three partners from industry, one NGO and one national park from a total of 16 countries are directly involved in the project.

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